The Good of the Order

  1. Bro. Michael Aitchison’s niece Shannel (check spelling), six weeks old, having heart surgery.

  2. Richard Strahl’s wife Anna had a hip fall.

  3. Brian Coleman was released from hospital.

  4. Brother Paul Wharton had eye surgery

  5. The Late Brother Jim Kehoe and family, specifically daughter Shannon and Grand daughter

  6. Theresa Lavin’s Brother Darius

  7. DGK Jim Avery’s brother in law Kevin McAloon has passed away.

  8. Bob Lego has health issue.

  9. Brother Steve Rostron's son Derek, who broke his back

  10.  Brother Richard Wilson

  11. Brother Richard Strahl asked that Wendel Sauer be remembered in our prayers this evening.

  12. The GK asked that his brother-in-law, Darius Szlachta, be added to our GOTO as he is currently undergoing treatment for esophagus and stomach cancer. Hebrother-in-law is recovering at home

  13. Brother John Ryan advised the meeting that we pray for Harry McAvoy who is having some health problems

  14. Brother Tim Anstett’s Aunt Anne?

  15. Brother Tom Deehan

  16. Jim Hattie and family

  17. Margaret Delorey

  18. Margaret Roberts: Mother of Fr. Roy Roberts.

  19.  Brother Vince Masci and family

  20.  Brother Robin Bromley

  21.  Brother Steve Weaver.?

  22.  Mike Boris’ Grandmother, Maria Licursi has lost all hearing

  23.  The family of Jim Olidis, whose wife Cathy has terminal cancer?

  24. Brother Ron Bayes and his family, especially his daughter Carie, (who has had a stroke)

  25.  Brother Frank and Pat Kelly                                 

  26.  Matt Barrett?     

  27.  Fr. Rick McKnight                                      

  28. Gabriel Boris (Brother Michael’s son)       

  29. Brother Bryne Fulton

  30.  Brother Eric and Brenda Jacobs?                        

  31.  Mavis Solomon

  32.  Ron Aikens?

  33.  Alice Dionne

  34.  Brother Rick and Greta Mackintosh

  35.  Charlene Decamps?

  36. Brother Winston Clement