Knights of Columbus

St. Thomas of Villanova Council 10586, St. Elizabeth Seton Parish

Executive Meeting Minutes, Wednesday January 23rd, 2019

Start 7:30 pm. Attendance 12.

1. Executive:

• Grand Knight – Chris Lavin (P)

• Deputy Grand Knight – Jim Avery (P)

• Chaplin – Vacant (P)

• Spiritual Advisors; Deacons Steve and Marion (A)

• Chancellor – Allan Taylor (P)

• Treasurer – Rick Ottone (P)

• Financial Secretary – Paul Laframboise (P)

• Recorder – Tim Anstett (P)

• Advocate – Michael Ficker (P)

• Warden – Patrick Lavin (P)

• Trustee 3 year – Andy Magyar (A)

• Trustee 2 year – Art Bartlett (P)

• Trustee 1 year – Dan Hopkins (P)

• Inside Guard – Max Dias (P)

• Outside Guard – Mike Harasym (A)

• Lecturer – Vacant

-Fr. Roy lead with an opening prayer.

Grand Knights report:

-the trailer that was available for purchase earlier was sold so we’ll have to continue our search. Dan Hopkins advised he has enough room to store a trailer at his residence.

-GK will advise the DD’s response to the retention committee correspondences under the Membership section

2. Deputy Grand Knights report: (under Program/Activities below)

3. Financial Secretary:

-$5,260 in cash was handed to the Treasurer by the FS as the remaining revenue from Christmas tree sales

-a disbursement of $328.20 was issued for the purchase of basketballs

-6 dues payments were received for a total of $300.00

-Council membership status to date is as follows; 91 in total; 10 delinquent, 9 inactive, 5 waived, 13 honourary life, 54 dues-paying of which 31 have paid. Of the remaining 23 unpaid members Paul Labonte will likely be moved to waived status. Brother Carmine Cucci has reported his intent to pay from his France locale.

-FS has issued the 2nd notice letters to unpaid members on January 16th

-FS to send a summary report to the retention committee

-membership cards will be available at the next general meeting.

-audit report meeting scheduled tonight (after Exec meeting)

4. Program Reports/Activities:

- it was agreed to install the new AED device in the north west corner of the church hall, on the west wall between the exit door and the north-west corner (near the bar area wall). This location would provide immediate access and in a more secure area of the hall.

- Total Christmas tree revenue was $11,960 against costs of $5,155 for a profit of $6,805. This represents an avg tree sale of $70.00 per and the profit was a record for our council. Fencing had been picked up and the company paid.

- Basketball free throw was a success. Winner names to be posted on the church TV monitor. There were increased numbers of 12 – 13yr old students attending the bi-council event

- Day of Reflection is scheduled for March 9th from 10am – 2pm, includes a lunch. Jim Avery to send a note to members asking for their input on suggested topics

- Buddy Holly event scheduled for March 23rd , entertainment costs covered/sponsored by Right at Home Realty. Plans to promote the event include a PDF for the bulletin, a poster for the front entrance, invitations to Holy Martyr’s, ‘The Month Ahead’, and St. John’s parish. Snacks need to be figured out for the half-time break, chairs to be aligned theatre style to accommodate as many guests as possible (approx. 240 max). Opportunity for a 50/50 draw.

- Rose of Sharon “Baby needs collection” for Rosie’s Closet is scheduled for April 6/7. More details to follow

- Mother’s Day – May 12t . planning will begin as appropriate

- Rosary – Andy Magyar to organize

- Rosaries are to be ordered for the confirmandee’s

- Council volunteer hours – confirmed total member man-hours spent in 2018 in our community programs (over 2000 hours invested).


5. Trustee’s Report: no report

6. Chancellor’s Report: exemplification dates are available for any new members

7. Membership:

- a membership drive is scheduled on February 9th at S.E.S. Knights to present the new AED at the 4:30pm mass and all Sunday masses. Knights are asked to wear their white K of C shirts to mass to show the church community who their council members are. Members will be active through the mass presenting the gifts etc. with the aim to be as visible as possible.

-on February 9th the Knights will host the “Leafs/Habs” hockey game broadcast in the church hall. The event is to showcase the Knights and to attract new members. Hot dogs, pizza, snacks will be served with refreshments. The start is 6:30pm, families with children welcome, no alcohol will be served.

Kevin Klauke and Paul Schwan will manage the provision of food for the evening. A kiosk will be set up in the hall to provide K of C information. Art Bartlett’s son John (play by play announcer with Sportsnet) to provide an audio clip that can be played at the intro of the hockey broadcast for added excitement. A K of C flyer will be produced for insertion in the bulletin outlining the many local charities that benefit from Knights fundraising.

Retention Committee update: - GK advised the latest news regarding the status of the 10 delinquent members. Ontario State responded to the GK that there is pressure not to suspend members; a newly imposed policy stipulates that a delinquent member can only be removed upon the admission of a new member. Options were discussed with respect to this new policy including; short payment of dues to Supreme, to stay or leave the Knights altogether (as per Ajax council), pay dues for delinquent members, adhere to new policy with new recruits. It was emphatically agreed that our council would not permit an outside K of C recruiting team to enter our church. Result was the GK asked the retention committee to come up with a plan.

8. - Treasure’s Report:

- General Account: $10,174.01

- Charity Account: $3,381.18

9. Fr. Roy led a prayer that ended the meeting at 8:57pm

                                                      Knights of Columbus

St. Thomas of Villanova Council 10586, St. Elizabeth Seton Parish

Executive Meeting Minutes, Wednesday November 28th, 2018

Start 7:32 pm with opening prayer. Attendance 8.

1. Executive:

• Grand Knight – Chris Lavin (P)

• Deputy Grand Knight – Jim Avery (P)

• Chaplin – Vacant (A)

• Spiritual Advisors; Deacons Steve and Marion (A)

• Chancellor – Allan Taylor (A)

• Treasurer – Rick Ottone (P)

• Financial Secretary – Paul Laframboise (P)

• Recorder – Tim Anstett (P)

• Advocate – Michael Ficker (P)

• Warden – Patrick Lavin (A)

• Trustee 3 year – Andy Magyar (A)

• Trustee 2 year – Art Bartlett (P)

• Trustee 1 year – Dan Hopkins (P)

• Inside Guard – Max Dias (A)

• Outside Guard – Mike Harasym (A)

• Lecturer – Vacant

Grand Knights report:

- advised St. John Chrysostom parish requested the cost to purchase 9 Christmas trees. We decided not to proceed based on their below cost offer.

2. Deputy Grand Knights report: (under Program/Activities below)

3. Financial Secretary:

- Advised $242.25 from the Chef Dinner silent auction was forwarded to Rick Ottone. Total proceeds from the Chef’s Dinner was $3,197. A $4,025 warrant voucher was processed for the cash purchase of the trees at delivery. FS requested any phot’s from the Chef’s Dinner be forwarded to him for inclusion on our web site

- Requested photos of executive members for the web site

- our semi-annual audit is due February 19, 2019.

- GK to provide FS a summary of the recognition and award’s dinner for the web site

- Dues letter to be sent out this week followed by invoices. Dues are payable by Jan 15’19

- $2,000 to be transferred to the Charity account from the General account

- Audit date for Trustee’s is February 15, 2019

- FS requested all warrant vouchers and treasurer documents from Rick next month.

- the annual report to include sheet outlining ‘what we do’ - due January 15’19.

- Membership drive with support from Fr. Roy to be launched in February’19

4. Program Reports/Activities:

- Chef’s Dinner partial proceeds of $1,900 to be assigned for the defibrillator purchase, remainder ($1,200) to be earmarked for purchasing hall kitchen cooking equipment

- Height of our parade float this year is too high – looking for lower-profile trailer alternatives next year so children have a better view

- Christmas card sales to commence after masses

- Payment for Christmas tree lot fencing will be managed by Art

- Christmas dinner – Jim indicated 64 people had confirmed attending, 61 dinners ordered for the event of which only 53 paid and attended. Food cost was $1,920.10 + wine of $44.95 against $1,505 in revenues netting a cost to council of $460.05. The objective of the event was to be revenue neutral. A pay in advance format was discussed for next years event.

- Brother Paul Wharton donated $70.00 towards hot chocolate for the upcoming Family Day skate in February.

- Basketballs for the basketball free throw event are in. Mike sent program reminders to the schools and is waiting for confirmation from the schools in the first week of January. Insurance will need to be in force for the event.

- A day of reflection has been mentioned by Fr. Roy for our council, details to be firmed up

- Social event planned for Spring in church hall. A St. Patrick’s dinner/dance event was discussed as well as a “Buddy Holly” tribute band night. Art to confirm if hall available on March 17’19.

- Rose of Sharon’s Rosie’s Closet “Baby Day” parish donation program to be considered for the April 6/7 w/e.


5. Trustee’s Report: no report

6. Chancellor’s Report: no report

7. Membership: no updates

8. Retention Committee update:

9. - Treasure’s Report:

- General Account: $6,317.04

- Charity Account: $1,382.43

10. A prayer ended the meeting.                    



   Knights of Columbus

                                       St. Thomas of Villanova Council 10586, St. Elizabeth Seton Parish

                                          Executive Meeting Minutes, Wednesday September 26th, 2018


Start 7:32 pm with opening prayer.


1.       Executive:                                               

  • Grand Knight – Chris Lavin                                                            (P)

  • Deputy Grand Knight – Jim Avery                                              (P)

  • Chaplin – Vacant                                                                              (A)

  • Spiritual Advisors; Deacons Steve and Marion                      (A)                                                        

  • Chancellor – Allan Taylor                                                               (A)

  • Treasurer – Rick Ottone                                                                 (P)

  • Financial Secretary – Paul Laframboise                                   (P)

  • Recorder – Tim Anstett                                                                  (P)

  • Advocate – Michael Ficker                                                            (P)

  • Warden – Patrick Lavin                                                                  (A)

  • Trustee 3 year – Andy Magyar                                                   (A)

  • Trustee 2 year – Art Bartlett                                                         (P)

  • Trustee 1 year – Dan Hopkins                                                      (P)

  • Inside Guard – Max Dias                                                                (A)                                         

  • Outside Guard – Mike Harasym                                                 (A)

  • Lecturer – Vacant



Grand Knights report:

- GK thanked Knights for attending the funeral of Jim Kehoe; spoke of our deceased brother’s character, faith and dedication to his family and church. We will greatly miss our Bro Jim K.

Confirmed that our K of C Insurance policy provides funeral funds to Knights who have an Accidental death only.

-a thank you was also extended to Knights that attended the funeral of Brother Carmine Cicci’s mother.

-Chef George Johns has removed his cooking equipment from the Hall kitchenl. We will require additional cooking/heating pans for our Chef Dinner. Surplus funds from the event will be used to purchase necessary cooking items ie; pans, serving utensils etc. Brother Paul Schwan can lend his knowledge to assist in this procurement. GK to contact Paul.



2.        Deputy Grand Knights report: (under Program/Activities below)




3.       Financial Secretary:

-          Announced with a heavy heart, that a form 100 was required to be completed for our deceased Brother Jim Kehoe.

-          Member update: 51 dues paid members, 13 Honourary Life, 9 inactive, 7 dues waived for a total of 80 valid members. This total excludes 10 members that are under temporary suspension.

-          GK advised a response to an email sent to our DD (re suspension proceedings) has not been received.

-          Website update; new items added are the Chef’s Dinner info, June 30 audit report, approved budget, Jim Kehoe’s name entered in memoriam. Site to include the church Rosary event and the Ministry Fair Oct 13/14.

-          A calendar listing degree exemplification information is now available on the site

-          F.S. requested phots’s of the BBQ, Golf day be forwarded to him for site installation.

-          Photo’s were also requested of each executive member

-          our semi-annual audit is due February 19, 2019.


4.       Program Reports/Activities:

-          Chef Dinner planning committee meeting scheduled with Paul Taylor on Wednesday October 3rd. Ticket printing to be managed by Rick, GK has the template. A flyer will be placed in the church bulletin and Knights are to be available after each mass to sell tickets. A 50/50 draw will be held (5 tickets for $10). Paul C will manage the silent auction table and purchase the required beer/wine for the dinner. Patrick will be the bartender and Brian will manage the kitchen affairs. Supplies are to be purchased as; table cloths, plates, coffee cups, desert plates etc.

-          Jim to speak with Andy regarding the organizing of the Rosary prayer event.

-          Ministry Fair, Knights are required to set up a table and man the booth at the event

-          Remembrance Day – Jim confirmed a K of C wreath has been ordered and added that this year’s observance will include a bell-ringing to commemorate the 100th year anniversary of the armistice. More info on this event will be provided to the Knights.

-          Santa Clause parades have $1,200 earmarked for the purchase of nativity statues from the Wayfair online site. Projected cost is $599 CAD. Knights are required to build a manger scene that can be easily dismantled and stored in church. GK to order the statues this week.

-          Christmas cards have been ordered for sale at the CWG bazaar.

-          Christmas tree – vendor account has a balance of $3,775 owing plus $250 delivery charge. The total of $4,025 is to be paid in cash on delivery date.

-          Annual Awards dinner – Jim to contact Pickle Barrel to arrange meal delivery. It was reiterated that this event is to be conducted on a revenue neutral basis this year.

-          Family Day skate  - arena is booked, a flyer will be sent out in the weeks prior to. A suggestion was made to have donations brought by participants for a local food bank.

-          Basketball free throw – Mike has completed the online application process with the School board and is waiting for their confirmation. Mike will review additional BBFT information on the Supreme site.

-          St. Patrick’s Day Dinner/Dance requires an organizing committee meeting be set by Jim.

-          “Rosie’s Closet” baby items church drive will take place April 6/7th. A list of items to purchase will be provided by Rose of Sharon.

-          Rick mentioned he was looking into purchasing approx. 500 car draw tickets to be sold by Knights as potential stocking stuffers gifts.


5.       Trustee’s Report:  no report


6.       Chancellor’s Report: no report


7.       Membership:   

     -    discussion including plan to attend mass together wearing our K of C shirts in order to                                                 highlight our members to the church. A recruitment committee has been established and are

                     to meet to plan their strategies.


8.       Retention Committee update: as per FS report


9.       -      Treasure’s Report:

-          General Account:  $9,079.02

-          Charity Account:   $1,382.43



10.       A prayer ended the meeting.